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Agencies Assisting in Employing People with Disabilities



Communication Services for the Deaf (CSD)

Committed to reimagining communication and creating a better, more accessible world for deaf and hard of hearing Americans.

Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) is an international not-for-profit organization devoted to elevating the quality of life for people who are deaf, deaf-blind, or hard-of-hearing. Since 1975, CSD has endeavored to fulfill its mission through the provision of a broad range of innovative products, programs, and services. CSD is led and managed predominantly by deaf and hard-of-hearing professionals and they operate from numerous locations across the United States and abroad. CSD’s vision is to achieve a condition of being wherein all deaf, deaf-blind, and hard-of-hearing individuals are able to fully participate in and contribute to the world around them.  Phone: 605-367-5760



To support independence, choice and access to an inclusive community.

DakotAbilities provides a number of varied services for people with varying levels of abilities and disabilities. We provide residential settings and a variety of work and non-work daytime settings.  Within the residential settings, DakotAbilities also provides training on independent living skills, meal preparation, and activity planning (both in the home and in the community). Staff also provides training designed to enhance individual choice, independence, and involvement in an inclusive community.  Phone: 605-334-4220



Department of Human Services: To enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities, in partnership with its stakeholders.  Phone: 800-265-9684 or 605-773-5990  TTY: 605-773-6412



Division of Rehabilitation Services: To assist individuals with disabilities to obtain employment, economic self-sufficiency, personal independence and full inclusion into society.

  • Project Skills; Project SEARCH; Assistive Technology assistance; post-secondary and employment training assistance.
  • Phone: 800-265-9679 or 605-367-5330

Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired: To provide individualized rehabilitation services that result in optimal employment and independent living outcomes for citizens who are blind or visually impaired.

  • S.D. Rehabilitation Center for the Blind; Assistive Technology assistance; post-secondary and employment training assistance.
  • Phone: 800-265-9679 or 605-367-5330

Division of Developmental Disabilities: To ensure that people with developmental disabilities have equal opportunities and receive the services and supports they need to live and work in South Dakota communities.

  • Family Support 360; Community Support Provider; Adult Foster Care; Respite Care; Guardianship assistance; and more.
  • Phone: 800-265-9684 or 605-773-3438

Freedom to Work

Freedom to Work

Supports a system of employment services for people with disabilities and helps remove barriers to employment

Work Incentives training; Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD); Personal Assistance Services (PAS); benefits specialist services; Career Development Teams; employment resource materials available.    Phone: 800-210-0143 or 605-945-2207


Goodwill of the Great Plains

Goodwill of the Great Plains serves as an advocate for economic self-sufficiency through employment and education. 

We create a world of dignity and compassion by putting people to work. Goodwill invests in our community by: turning donated goods into work opportunities, forming and expanding job creation centers, through innovative programming and services, and development of leaders.  Phone: 605-731-1930

SD Achieve


We find innovative ways for people with disabilities to achieve their dreams.

Lifescape formed in mid-2014 when Children's Care Hospital & School and South Dakota Achieve joined together. We are an independent, non-profit organization that supports people with developmental disabilities. We are a values based, progressive and responsive, support provider. We believe in the potential of each person and have the passion, desire, expertise, and ability to deliver the exceptional services people want and need.  Phone: 605-444-9500

SD Advocacy

SD Advocacy Services

To protect and advocate the rights of South Dakotans with disabilities through legal, administrative, and other remedies.

Client Assistance Program; Protection & Advocacy Developmental Disabilities Program; Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness; and more.  Phone: 800-658-4782 or 605-224-8294

Southeastern Directions for Life

Southeastern Behavioral

To strengthen communities through services that enhance the emotional and behavioral well-being of children, adults and families.

Southeastern Directions for Life (Southeastern Behavioral HealthCare), a private, non-profit agency has emphasized the importance of emotional wellness – not only for individuals but also for entire communities, serving the four county areas of Lincoln, McCook, Minnehaha and Turner counties. Southeastern is dedicated to providing the citizens of this state with top quality, professional services to keep our individuals, families, schools, workplaces, and communities emotionally strong and healthy.  Phone: 605-336-0510

Transition Services Liaison Project

Transition Services Liaison Project

Assists students with disabilities, their families, schools, and adult service agencies to make the transition from high school to post-school be a meaningful experience.

Youth Leadership Forum; Catch the Wave; Transition Tackle-box; transition trainings for special education teachers & parents; and more.  Phone: 605-224-5336

USD Medical

USD Center for Disabilities

Works with others to create opportunities that enhance the lives of people with disabilities & their families through training, services, information, research, & community education.
Birth to 3 program; Autism Program, Fetal Alcohol Program, and Deaf-Blind Program; trainings available; resource handbooks.    Phone: 605-357-1439

Volunteers of America Dakotas

Volunteers of America-Dakotas

Helping people help themselves.

Volunteers of America, Dakotas is a spiritually-based organization of trained professionals that responds to the unmet needs in our community by offering services to empower individuals of all ages, abilities and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our life-changing programs have an emphasis on counseling, teaching, prevention, recovery, homelessness, and caring for our children, youth and families.  Phone: 605-334-1414 or 800-365-8336