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Welcome to the Sioux Falls Business Resource Network!

South Dakota Retailers Association

Looking for employees? This video, featuring three South Dakota retail employees with disabilities and their employers shows you why your workforce should include people with disabilities.

Disability Friendly Recognition Program

Sioux Falls School District Child Nutrition Services receives a Disability Friendly Recognition Program award.

The South Dakota Department of Human Services (DHS) has now launched its “Ability for Hire” campaign! The goal of the campaign will be to promote the benefits of, as well as change the public perceptions about, the hiring of people with disabilities. Visit the Ability for Hire website to learn how businesses like Camille’s Sidewalk Café in Sioux Falls, Great Lakes Higher Education in Aberdeen, and Avera regional hospitals have both enriched and diversified their workforce through hiring individuals with disabilities.

Disability Friendly Recognition Program

The Business Resource Network along with the Disability Awareness Commission is proud to announce the Disability Friendly Recognition Program

We will be awarding local businesses who employ one or more persons with a disability as a way of saying thank you and to give them the recognition they deserve. So watch for the “Disability Friendly” sticker on the doors of local businesses!  Click Here to nominate a local business.

Skilled Worker

The Sioux Falls Business Resource Network (SFBRN) is a nonprofit corporation promoting the employment of people with disabilities within the local labor market. SFBRN works to enhance and improve the employment climate in the Sioux Falls area by promoting the advantages of hiring persons with disabilities, educating the employers and the public, and by fostering an environment that will assist businesses in improving their production and efficiency.

SFBRN was designed to provide businesses within the local labor market the following services:

  1. Provide educational opportunities regarding the employment of persons with disabilities.
  2.  Create a greater awareness of the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities within the community.
  3. Act as a resource for both prospective employees and employers regarding employment opportunities and worksite modifications.

The BRN Bridge

The Sioux Falls Business Resource Network (BRN) networks job seekers with diabilities and service providers with employers by providing easy access to key resources and by promoting public awareness.